Dare I Call It Murder? A Memoir of Violent Loss - Larry Edwards


Book Update
Dare I Call It Murder?
August 10, 2013

First Monthiversary

Marking the first monthiversary of the release of my book, I offer you all a heartfelt THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Your support, your positive reviews, and your enthusiastic recommendation of the book has catapulted it onto several Amazon Best Seller lists for both Memoir and True Crime. The book has remained in the top 10 of three categories ever since, currently residing at

The book sat atop the Hot New Releases list for Biographies and Memoirs of Authors for two weeks—until the clock ran out and Amazon no longer considered it a "new release."

The book climbed to the #2 spot on the Hot New Releases True Accounts list.

A delightful side benefit of this exposure has been connecting with other authors, hearing from former students, and reconnecting with friends from childhood, high school, college, and the many paths of life I have traveled. I am hearing from people all over the world, some who recall the tragedy being in the news, and others who simply found in my book a message or story they could relate to personally.

A nice bonus are the emails from people I've never met, but who have written to thank me for writing the book. In many instances, they too have experienced a violent loss—joining the club none of us wanted to join—and say the book has helped them see that they are not alone, and the intense emotions they still feel years and even decades later are normal under the circumstances.

In the News and on the Web

Global Reach

The book is now available in at least 13 countries, from Australia to the UK. For the list, go to: Where to Buy the Book.

I have a deal with my distributor where the book is printed in Australia and England, as well as the U.S., which keeps the shipping cost reasonable. Of course, if you buy the ebook version (by far the most popular), there is no shipping cost (and it has more photos).


Four events are scheduled so far, all in September: three in Seattle (Eagle Harbor Book Co., Costco, Third Place Books) and one in San Diego (Warwick's). Check out the Events page on the website for the most current list.

If you're in the area, please stop by and say hello.


Thank You

Again, thank you for your support and encouragement, and for helping spread the word about this previously untold story of my parents' deaths and my story of dealing with violent loss and traumatic grief.

Reminder: A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book are going toward the support of the Survivors of Violent Loss and similar programs that provide support services for traumatic grief, complicated bereavement, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Larry Edwards      

PS: For those of you taking issue with my use of "monthiversary," look it up. It's been around for more than 200 years (if you can believe what you read on the Internet).

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