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(February 24, 2013)
Remembrance: A Phone Call
No One Ever Wants to Get

Dare I Call It Murder? -- A Memoir of Violent Loss

Thirty-five years ago today I got an unexpected phone call from my cousin. A phone call no one ever wants to get. It left me numb and overwhelmed. As news trickled in over the ensuing days, I felt as if I were adrift at sea on a rudderless, storm-tossed vessel and no one around to hand me a life jacket.

I didn't know what to believe-or whom to believe.

Could I trust family members to tell me the truth? Could I trust what law enforcement officials were saying? Could I trust anyone, including myself and the horrific thoughts an active imagination conjures up in a time of crisis?

Today I have more clarity, but the picture still remains a bit fuzzy as I continue to wait for a truthful answer as to the fate of my parents, as I continue to wait for my parents to get the justice they deserve.

As many of you know, I have written a memoir about this experience, Dare I Call It Murder? — A Memoir of Violent Loss, and what is now a three-decades-old cold case that the FBI long ago gave up hope on ever prosecuting.

I had planned to release the book today to mark this painful anniversary and reveal previously undisclosed facts about the case. But as I announced last week, I encountered an unanticipated bump in the road, and I am working toward smoothing that out.

Meanwhile, over the ensuing days, I will be writing blogs and posting excerpts from the book on my website to give you a taste of what's to come, and to give you a glimpse of how the impact of violent death surges outward like a tsunami to test our resiliency to the limit and reveal the true nature of our characters. . . .

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